The inter-disciplinary project is the continuation of an ongoing research with the working title FOLK LAB FOR BEGINNERS (2019-2021) enganging with questions about locality and originality, wanderlust and homesicknes, migration and multiculturalism and their narratives in the current context of Europe, between here and the Balkans and from their to other points of the globe.
How to dance a Sirto? What has the famous Heido to do with the imperialistic trips of Alexander the Great? And where do your patterns come from that you decorate your interior with?
 - "Patterned Spaces / Musterräume" is a research based collaboration project based on an open call principle: Anyone could contribute a pattern or an ornament of an item of their choice,
which were then translated to different media by the artists that derive from different fields of artistic practise: drawing, design, theatre, film and fine arts.
The materials are transformed into a space that traces back and forth the stories and letters, visual alphabets and objects that originally contained the pattern, with sometimes many and sometimes less meaning.

Drawing, Illustration: Maite Ortiz
Spatial Design, Visual Composition: Anthoula Bourna
Research, Film: Elena Friedrich

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